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Green, Steel Homes powered by Budget Home Kits™ is proudly brought to you by Budget Home Kits™, America’s #1 Choice in DIY Steel Home Kits. Whether this is the first time you’ve come across green home building and steel home kits or if you’re a seasoned pro in this stuff, our aim with this short-and-sweet site is to ensure that you can walk away with value from the info we impart. If you have any questions at all or if you’d simply like more info, just reach out to us here.

Regarding the very basics, each Budget home kit uses steel, red iron framing and our method is so streamlined and easy that you can build it yourself. As you’ll get a glimpse below, we’re all about implementing strategies that save. Reduce waste, cut down on labor, lower energy costs, do well for the environment, and save money every step along the way.

Eco-Smart Design. Eliminates Waste.

Most steel homes you’ll come across use excessive quantities of steel and build with the old school I-beam approach, seen in bulky commercial metal buildings. In contrast, we’ve engineered a sleek design that’s simple, functional, and attractive all at the same time.

Budget’s innovative Eco-Smart design, combined with steel cut to tight tolerances, drastically eliminates waste and cuts down on labor costs. The home pictured here is the popular MacArthur floor plan of 2,000 sq ft.

Energy Efficient. Lower Heating & Cooling Costs by 40 – 50%.

On standard home kits, you’ll have full flexibility on selecting the color combinations of roof, wall, and trim. The roof on each steel home kit is Galvalume, a reflective roof paneling composed of galvanized steel, but with a Standard kit order, you may opt for a colored roof.

Combine this with radiant barrier insulation, quality doors and windows which you’ll select on your own, and you’ve got a recipe for cutting your energy bill virtually in half.

Easy to Assemble. Saves Time and Cuts Down on Labor.

Here’s another downside of bulky, I-beam styles of steel home construction. You’ll need to operate cranes and other massive heavy machinery to assemble your home. And if you can’t or don’t want to do it, you’ll need to find and hire a specialized steel erection crew to help you. NOT the case whatsoever with a Budget steel home kit.

All 10 Phases of exactly how to assemble your steel home is easy enough for you to assemble by yourself with our total package of materials and list of essential tools. Moreover, upon unloading at your site, we provide you with an orientation of the kit components. Overall, our process will save you heaps of time and money.

Paperless Assembly Course. 100% Online and Mobile-Ready.

Not in the mood to read a thick, dense and boring manual of how to build your steel home? We understand. That’s why Budget offers its 10 Phase Do-It-Yourself Steel Home Assembly course online. Customers have total access to it 24/7/365.

What’s even cooler is that it’s mobile compliant. That means that you can pull up our easy-to-follow course right on your iPhone, Blackberry, Android (or any other internet-enabled smart phone). Going paperless and online helps our environment while at the same time making things super convenient for you.

Transparent Pricing. Overstocks As Low as $20k.

Just like you’d do comparison shopping for a new car, so it should be transparent and easy to see up front prices on steel home kits. That’s one reason why Budget shows prices openly and directly, without making you sign up and jump through hoops to create custom quotes.

The other reason is that we are very confident that no one in the industry can beat our prices. By virtue of our innovative design, construction methods, and smart technologies, our prices are significantly lower than the competition. And they’ll stay that way.

No Split Deliveries. Total Package in One Trip Plus Shipping Specials.

Instead of having several tons of home materials (roof, wall panels, trim, etc.) delivered to you in separate shipments, we’ve made a concerted effort in quality control to ensure that your total package arrives in just one trip. This cuts down on fuel emissions (again, good for our environment) while simultaneously is more convenient for you.

Furthermore, we don’t think you should get slammed with shipping fees. In fact, Budget offers specials in the form of Half-Price Shipping on Overstocks and FREE Shipping on all Standard Home Kits.

Deep Savings on the Exterior. Translates Into a Gorgeous Interior.

Whether you go cozy and efficient with a floor plan from 720 to 1440 sq ft or decide on our largest design of 3024 sq ft, the substantial savings you’ll have with the exterior home shell will result in ample space in your budget to be used on the interior. Pictured here is the Anchorage kitchen (an Estate Series design, 4 bed/2.5 bath, 3024 sq ft).

So, on top of saving anywhere from 20 – 60% on the home kit itself, we reduce your out-of-pocket costs even further with shipping specials. In the end, you’ll save many thousands of dollars compared to buying from any single one of our competitors in the United States. Here’s all that we ask of you in return. Be happy about the super savings and tell your family and friends about Budget Home Kits :)

Reach Out to Our Team for More Info. Ask Steel Home Specialists.

With more than two decades of experience in steel, green-friendly construction, and a team of knowledgeable staff members who will offer you personalized assistance, Budget is uniquely positioned to help with your green home project.

Take a few seconds to fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss all your options and email you a flyover doc with more detailed info about the materials included in each kit, floor plan resources, and what you can expect each step along the way.